Here at Webeezy, we are passionate about making websites and making them accessible to all. We wanted to create an approach thats super easy from concept through to completion.

We don’t hide our prices we believe in being as transparent as possible. We offer affordable packages to suit a range of clients, if there’s is anything not listed, feel free to ask and we’ll get that sorted for you.

All our websites come with responsive design, which means that they can be displayed with ease on mobile devices as well as computers. We believe as so many people view websites on a mobile or tablet this should’t be an added extra but standard.

Beautifully Crafted.
Amateur designers over-clutter a website with features and pop-ups making it look absurd and hideous. Thankfully here at Webeezy we know how to design a website that fits inline with your company theme.

Third party APIS and applications.
We offer integration with third party apps and social site should you wish. Our team of developers are excellent and will always aim to meet your needs.

Easy CMS with intuitive interfaces.
Our websites and e-commerce stores are very intuitive and easy to use, we believe that if the client wants they should be able to manage their websites and e-commerce stores.

Hosting and customer support.
Our customer support staff are always there to help. We even offer unlimited reviews for your website. We want to make sure you’re happy with the final product.

The servers that we host your websites on are fast, reliable and affordable. Your website is built with SEO in mind so there will be a lot of traffic moving through it. Our servers will take care of the traffic load.